Enrich the lives of refugee children through DANCE!


SIFE (students with Interrupted Formal Education) program at the Belle Sherman Elementary school located not far from Cornell campus is an after-school program for more than 20 Burmese refugee children. The children have been affected immeasurably by these fun programs that have brought them a kind of joy they would not necessarily find by going home directly after school. Every Monday through Thursday, children of age from 5 to 12 years old gather together at SIFE program to get help for their homework, have a fun and educational activities or spend some nice moments together with the volunteers from Ithaca community.

Many of these great activities include: Apple-picking trip to local farms, Book Club, Painting, Volleyball, and so on…

The children gained huge fun and happiness from these programs which they couldn’t have at home. Since few of their parents speak English, the children reply the volunteers and teachers for homework assistance.

Last year, Amber Dance Troupe performed at the after-school program and did a small dance workshop for the kids in SIFE. It was a huge success and all the kids loved the performance. They excitedly tried on costumes from dance troupe members, played around with dance props, and kept asking us questions about different cultural dances. We were amazed by the students’ excitement, passion and enthusiasm. And therefore, we want to provide the kids with more chances to such kinds of exposure to culture and diversity.

Ms. Ramona, who is the supervisor of the SIFE program, told us, the program is on the edge of closing because of a lack of funding. Therefore, it’s our objective to help the children gain access to better activities and enrich their lives.




  • Sponsor the children to enjoy a cultural dance showcase.
  • Provide free dance workshops for them.
  • Fundraise money to enrich their after-school activities.
  • Help them improve academic performance.
  • Make an impact in these children’s lives.

Our Annual Dance Showcase co-hosted by Amber and Illuminations dance troupe will be at Bailey Hall at 3PM on Saturday, April. 13th

All donations on this campaign will go directly towards ticket money sponsorship. And externalities will go towards funding for the SIFE after-school programs.
In order to make the donation more convenient, we tie together our showcase ticketing with this campaign. That means, you will get a substantial discount on our showcase ticket by sponsoring a kid.
  • Donate &7 = sponsoring a kid to watch the performance
  • Donate &10= both tickets to a refugee child and yourself
  • Regular ticket prices: $7 in advance, &10 at door.
All you need to do is hit the DONATE button. It saves you from paying cash or being charged service fee from Bailey website.
Once you donate, we will send you a confirmation email and either deliver the ticket to you or have your ticket ready at door.
Along through the fundraising period, please watch out for updates on our progress.
Please be a CHANGEMAKER, and make an impact in these children’s lives.

Contact our project director, Yi Xie for further information: yx58@cornell.edu


Amber is an independent student organization at Cornell University that specializes in Chinese dance performance. Over the past seven years, Amber has become a rising star that claims national spotlight. Amber promotes the beauty of Chinese culture through traditional and contemporary Chinese dances that represent a variety of genres and ethnic groups in China. Amber is dedicated to presenting authentic Chinese dance with professional choreography and elaborate costumes.



Illuminations is Cornell’s undergraduate Chinese cultural dance troupe. Founded in 2004, the troupe is committed to sharing Chinese culture, both past and present, through contemporary traditional dances that feature original choreography by our members. Illuminations performs at events on campus and in the surrounding Ithaca community. We perform a variety of dances, in court, folk, and fusion styles, with fans, ribbons, handkerchiefs, and flags as well as many other props. We welcome anyone with an interest in Chinese dance, regardless of experience.

Connect to Amber Dance Troupe & Illuminations

Website: http://sife.peaksoverpoverty.org/
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